Therefore, users accessing our website from the EU will experience limited functionality. Tile is easy to maintain, especially for pet owners looking for pet-friendly flooring, and it can last for many years without looking tired or worn. Remember to store your bamboo indoors for at least 5 days to ensure proper acclimation. In talking to the Cali Bamboo people they immediately went after the installation. You’ll want at least a 25-year structural warranty and 10-year protection against surface wear. Here’s some FloorScore – Always check the details of your warranty to ensure that whatever cleaning method you are using will not void your warranty. They can often be floated without glue or fasteners. Before you’re able to decide whether or not to install bamboo flooring, it is important to know and understand the advantages and disadvantages of … These boards are designed and tested for maximum stability. Good-quality bamboo flooring can last between 25 and 50 years, and can be resurfaced a number of times to refresh them and remove deep scratches. A weekly cleanup using warm water and a wood floor cleaner will keep it in excellent condition. Our basement level walkout was done with a laminate and has radiant heat under it. The company imports its Moso bamboo flooring from the People’s Republic of China. Strand-woven bamboo varieties are even stronger than many exotic Brazilian hardwoods. Five weeks after installation the cupping turned into large areas of bubbled floor – no longer glued down. Their lineup is suitable for your home or While moisture is a concern with tile flooring, a regularly applied coat of sealer will keep moisture and staining at bay. Now that we have covered the basics, let’s recap what we’ve learned. The boards must be measured and laid out correctly to ensure a tight fit, even rows, and an aesthetically pleasing design. It’s under 300 sq get on a raised foundation. So my concern now is this Morning Star Strand Bamboo flooring bad for my family or it is ok and I can finish one more room? Use this next section as a tool to help prepare your budget and prevent sticker shock. View our ratings and reviews … Cali Bamboo services residential and commercial building projects across North America with a wide range of products including bamboo flooring, fencing, composite decking, plywood, cork wall tiles, poles, paneling and more. It’s also important to note whether labor and removal are included in the coverage. It can be resurfaced up to 10 times and has a 50 year guarantee. Bamboo flooring has made quite a splash recently as an attractive, affordable, easy to maintain, versatile, and environmentally-friendly flooring option. A few scratches developed over time, where my husband spun on his foot always in the same spot. Darkened bamboo is 30% softer than its natural coloring due to the carbonization process. Susan. If your bamboo floor already has signs of water damage then there is little that can be done, other than to remove the flooring, ensure your subfloor is dry and the install new bamboo flooring. The product is thick, it seems to be double the thickness of regular laminate. This responsibly sourced bamboo flooring comes from natural materials that are renewable and sustainable. Am I the only person with this problem? When I installed it I did not read this site and did not think that there might be a health impact. Thanks! Would like to hear your experience. Also, is there one installation method that seems to reduce the amount of issues? Flooring hardness is evaluated by a chart called the Janka Hardness Scale. Let’s start with a detailed list of the pros and cons. we have no stains, scratches or changes of any kind. Other Brand Mentions: Morning Star Bamboo, Eco Forest Bamboo. Wring the mop thoroughly and watch out for signs of over-saturation. Installers came back and pulled up quarter round, dound uneven expansion, cut larger expansion gap, but they have no idea what has caused the problem. When we sold the house in April 2017, the new owners were psyched to have the bamboo flooring. However, bamboo floors do not cope well with water, which can cause spotting, warping, and bacteria growth. This strand-woven bamboo flooring is available in both engineered and solid varieties in over 33 colors. I also purchased Cali bamboo floor, 1200 sq ft, it was one of the worst decisions I have ever made. To minimize the chances of buying hazardous products, make sure the bamboo you purchase has been tested by an independent third-party laboratory, preferably located in the United States. If your bamboo floor has excessive signs of wear, you can sand and refinish it. That’s why it’s important to check your labels to ensure the flooring you purchase has been properly inspected and responsibly collected. But, harvesting bamboo is tricky. Learn how to install AquaGuard Bamboo flooring. Technological advancements in manufacturing techniques have ensured that the end product is sturdy, tough and durable. Additionally, If you plan on installing radiant heating under the bamboo, be sure to check with the manufacturer for guidelines. I have had horrible results with mass shrinkage after 2 months of acclimation. Another preparation guideline? It is crazy how the bamboo holds up. It comes in many shapes, colors, and varieties, including natural stone and wood-look. Bamboo is a sturdy, sustainable, and sleek alternative to traditional hardwood flooring. It’s soft underfoot and almost feels bouncy. American Poplar Butcher Block Workbench 5ft. And no, I wasn’t paid/reimbursed in any way for this review. Was your floor a click or nail down? Additionally, bamboo flooring will have a significantly higher impact on resale value compared to vinyl plank (or linoleum, for that matter). We live in northern New England, where there are extreme variations in temperature and humidity. After seeing my floor my neighbor installed the same floor and loves it. Cali Bamboo flooring undergoes our proprietary Fossilized® manufacturing process that makes it twice the density of any other hardwood floor in the world, backed by a 50-year warranty. Here’s a list of what to look for when searching for high-quality bamboo flooring. Manufacturers darken bamboo through a process called carbonization. In fact, it’s quite common to read reviews from disappointed homeowners who felt misled by advertising tactics. Installation costs. Ambient BP has an excellent reputation both with homeowners and professional designers; their website has a lot of great bamboo floor design ideas. Cali’s warranty is not worth the paper it is written, on and the customer service is not any help whatsoever. It is terrible. We live in a more mild climate, but being on the coast we are worried about the humidity levels. You can purchase Ecofusion bamboo online or through your local flooring dealer. Do you love the sleek contemporary look and clean lines of modern design? Hi Gus! In fact, the company advertises an expansion rate of only 10%, even in extreme temperatures, making Super Strand Bamboo a popular choice for both homeowners in arid and damp locations. I’m sure no flooring manufacturer would stand behind their product if what our animals dish out were inflicted upon their product, and yet Our Bamboo is showroom perfect. The company carries 12 lines of both floating and traditional planks in various widths & lengths, and more than 25 shades and patterns. Bamboo is much harder to stand on, but will not gouge as cork can. Bamboo can be an affordable alternative to hardwood floors. Vinyl plank flooring can be very affordable at $3-$8 per square foot. You can find this flooring in hundreds of colors, textures, and sizes. If you’re investing in a bamboo floor, be sure to install a humidity monitor and make adjustments for seasonal temperature shifts. Otherwise, your bamboo may release chemicals that can cause allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses. When installed it looked beautiful but about 3 weeks later I noticed cupping and gaps in various locations. It’s tough enough to handle the demands of everyday life (if you buy the right thickness) and soft enough to feel warm and comfortable under-foot. Its faded very slightly near the windows despite that we installed new windows which should have prevented UV light from having an affect. The rainy season brings the threat of cracking, while the dry season encourages fungi growth. If you’re looking for a durable bamboo floor, choose a light natural tone. Cupping or peaking happened three weeks after installation. To protect the floor during your cleaning activities, only use soft-bristled brooms. Carbonized Smooth Locking Water-Resistant Stranded Engineered Bamboo, Lanark Hand Scraped Locking Water-Resistant Stranded Engineered Bamboo, Sable Hand Scraped Locking Water-Resistant Stranded Engineered Bamboo, Lunamist Hand Scraped Wire Brushed Water-Resistant Stranded Engineered Bamboo, Salween Hand Scraped Locking Water-Resistant Stranded Engineered Bamboo, Colinisa Gray Hand Scraped Wire Brushed Water-Resistant Stranded Engineered Bamboo, Avitus Hand Scraped Wire Brushed Water-Resistant Stranded Engineered Bamboo, Pewter Hand Scraped Locking Water-Resistant Stranded Engineered Bamboo, Kanton Gray Hand Scraped Locking Water Resistant Stranded Engineered Bamboo, Dolium Hand Scraped Wire Brushed Water-Resistant Stranded Engineered Bamboo, Dutton Wire-Brushed Water-Resistant Bamboo, Harington Distressed Water-Resistant Engineered Stranded Bamboo, Lombard Distressed Water-Resistant Engineered Stranded Bamboo, Hyde Distressed Water-Resistant Engineered Stranded Bamboo, Xander Hand Scraped Locking Water-Resistant Stranded Engineered Bamboo, Filmore Distressed Water-Resistant Engineered Stranded Bamboo. It’s the thickest. It’s not a desirable choice for kitchens or bathrooms. If you invest in high-quality, un-carbonized bamboo flooring, you are getting wood floors that can be twice as durable as the hardest varieties of solid hardwood floors. It’s beautiful when damp but as soon as it dries and the first person takes a step it leaves the footprints and appears to look as if it had never been cleaned. The downside to vinyl is that it cannot be refinished if scratched or gouged. We installed a Teragren floor in the kitchen 8 years ago as part of a remodel and its doing fine. Make sure your subfloor is even and free of rot or moisture damage. When installing bamboo in your home, it’s important to consider humidity levels. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I am still working with ‘Lumber Liquidators’ to resolve the problem, they are dragging their feet and my next step may be a lawsuit. I have done many floors and have done 5 laminate flooring installs. It doesn’t hold allergens or trap dust and dirt. This Cali Bamboo floor is now at the Flathead County Landfill and our new flooring is in. I dropped a really sharp knife on the floor and it took out a tiny piece, but that would happen for any floor. Even more, this innovative flooring option is easy to install and offers you a … Integrity. Well, except for the places where we’ve dropped sharp objects & dented the floor but, that’s “operator error” not a defect of the wood. It is also the preferred choice for anyone concerned with deforestation, as it is the fastest growing plant on earth. Nail down fine, click separated and the floor shrunk leaving gaps. It also does not deal well with water or humidity, so it should not be installed in bathrooms or basements. Bamboo floors are a snap to clean. Cleans well with a wet mop and no noticeable wear. The suggested humidity level for rooms with bamboo is the same for most hardwood floors: 30-50%. I had a client with another brand – the click type and one with nail down. We returned samples to Teragren who insisted they were in spec. What product and manufacturer did you go with the 2nd time around? We just published Charlie’s review of Morning Star Bamboo here. In high humidity our floor expands HEAPS. Cali Bamboo Flooring Prices Cali Bamboo offers new flooring at a variety of price points, with flooring ranging from $3.50 to $5.99 per square foot depending on a variety of factors including color, finish, plank size, and texture Teragren is an eco-friendly company that’s often mentioned in top bamboo flooring reviews as they specialize in quality bamboo products including panels, veneer, flooring, and countertops. I bought the meter to monitor temp and humidity and have done everything they told me to do. While it’s true that bamboo can be up to 3x harder than oak, scratches happen. I am so glad to read your reviews because something was telling me NOT to do it and the cost also! This is Moso bamboo, which reaches its full height, 40 to 80 feet, in its Due to the quantity of your order, please contact Customer Care at 877-675-0002 to … If you have an active household, opt for strand-woven bamboo. Horizontal bamboo closely resembles the plant. They need an underlayment to minimize moisture & warpage! As a rule, lay out the entire floor and adjust coloring and patterns before applying a single drop of glue. The reason being: some manufacturers use adhesives and finishes containing hazardous chemicals and solvents in the production of their flooring. But bamboo is certainly not a perfect floor. This was so expensive to do even with doing it ourselves. All Trinity products are FloorScore Certified and Clean Air Verified by independent third-party laboratories. Additionally, be sure to look for manufacturers that point out the durability of their flooring lines & offer at least a 25-year warranty. I’m considering doing my first floor with it. We installed Teragren Craftsman II in our bathroom (I know, big no-no) and hallway in 2009. Additionally, bamboo can be re-harvested every 3 years without causing damage to the plant or surrounding grove. However, it is acceptable to use a lightly damp mop with an appropriate cleaning solution. While flooring retailers and advertisers love to remind us that bamboo is cost-effective, that’s not always the case. We will tell you everything you need to know in order to decide whether bamboo flooring is right for your project and the best way to go about selecting and installing bamboo flooring. The caveat? It is possible to buff away small scratches, and better-quality bamboo floors can be resurfaced a number of times. This floor has been absolutely wonderful — easy to clean, and beautiful. Many flooring manufacturers treat bamboo with several coats of sealer to enhance scratch and water resistance. Yes, bamboo floors are good if you are looking for something affordable, durable, and easy to install and maintain. Has anyone had experience with the Cali Engineered Bamboo? Seeking full reimbursement from them!! Bamboo lacks the graining of hardwood flooring, so it often looks contemporary rather than classic, and thus, adds less value to your home than hardwood floors of a similar cost. Not all manufacturers design their flooring with in-floor heating compatibility. There’s one dent where I dropped something with a sharp corner — in other words, normal wear and tear. But, as is the case with most floorings, cheap bamboo floors will have a much shorter lifespan. AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is rated 4.5 out of 5.0 based on 1165 reviews. The carbonization process used to darken bamboo weakens the flooring up to 30%. It is best to choose a thicker board, as it means that it can be refinished, which extends the life of the flooring. Both materials are renewable resources, but cork comes from the bark of a cork tree while bamboo is technically a grass. Required fields are marked *. Thank you for making that point before I had to! It features prominent knots and a distinct grain pattern. Installed 1800 sq ft of Aquaguard Beachwalk late May. The meter is never above or below the recommended levels by Cali. Bamboo can be refinished multiple times. The chemicals used to treat bamboo flooring makes digestion impossible for termites. Even if your flooring has a protective coating, it’s best to use caution when cleaning and try to wipe up spills as quickly as possible. Over time, water-damaged flooring will grow bacteria and mold between the planks. I live in Northern California by San Francisco (East Bay) with little humidity even though we are close to the bay.. just wondering if anyone has any feedback. Clearance Event Online and In Select Stores through Jan 16th. Karen – Did you ever experience any water stains or de-laminating with the bathroom application? Temperature is usually 70 or higher. AquaGuard reviews: My complaint not resolved. Pricing depends on several factors, including the manufacturer, rating, and style. We are dancers and want a nice hardwood type floor with no VOC so I have been avoiding laminates. Both are equally durable and have a strength rating similar to oak flooring. The company’s eco-friendly flooring has been featured on television and in various architectural magazines. We’ve had Morning Star carbonized bamboo nailed to the sub floors on the first and second floors of our home about five years ago and have had no issues. The latest flooring features scratch-resistant technology that can delay wear and tear. A good way to tell is by asking to see the FloorScore paperwork and FSC certification. Bamboo flooring is one of the easiest to maintain. Bamboo is much cleaner than carpeting. We will weigh the pros and cons, compare with other flooring options, talk about price and installation, and review some of the best bamboo flooring brands on the market. Tesoro Woods features easy-to-install, affordable strand-woven bamboo in 7 colors and patterns. It was properly prepped and installed. And since termite damage accounts for approximately $5 billion in property damage each year, you can relax knowing that these little pests won’t wreak havoc on your bank account. Value. Every year the bamboo plant grows new shoots. I … If you are going the DIY route, be sure to assemble all the materials before you start your project. However, the process is tedious, and you must be careful not to dig into the top layer while sanding. That’s why bamboo is better left for dry areas of your home. And now that it’s water resistant, it can be used in any room in your home. Bamboo Flooring Co has 5 stars! Don’t forget to get a couple of estimates before settling on a contractor. You must be careful to line the seams up correctly before applying the adhesive. Cork floors are as environmentally-friendly as bamboo but have a slightly better air-quality rating due to the manufacturing process. Both products are priced within the $3-10 range, but many consumers find cork’s unique look off-putting. But where bamboo has the edge that it is a natural flooring, and so has that aesthetic appeal, laminate often looks artificial. If you choose this multi-layer flooring, look for a top layer that’s a ¼ of an inch thick or more. Your email address will not be published. But: Most dent easily and can be … I do wish, however, that some of the questions asked were answered. The flooring has been in for two years and shows no wear. Humidity: One of the nation's leading suppliers of bamboo flooring recommends maintaining a humidity level between 40 and 60 percent. Aquq Guard water filter company failed to to its promise and made false statements. These flooring products are manufactured in China and sold worldwide through independent distributors and on the company’s website. Hope it helps! Tile is suitable for every area of your home. Maybe they encourage diy installation so they can blame the”installers” rather than a faulty product. the mess wipes off. Aquaguard is water resistant and really does have a great look of hardwood. Is anyone familiar with Morning Star Bamboo Strand? NEW and exclusive to Floor & Decor, AquaGuard Bamboo ® is a water-resistant bamboo flooring that is eco-friendly and stylish. Bamboo flooring has a number of practical benefits. Our next factor is warranty length. Hardwood flooring offers an unbeatable variety of grades, tones, and graining patterns. The finish is durable and promises a lifetime warranty. Read these tips, you can protect these beautiful floors for years right now! Cork insulates sound and retains heat better than bamboo. Both hardwood and bamboo are natural resources, but bamboo grows up to 15x faster than the trees used to make conventional hardwood flooring. You can find Ecofusion products in prestigious hotels and universities throughout the United States. You can find quality engineered planks for less than $4 per square foot. I understand the solid bamboo is quite susceptible to warping and shrinking, but what about the Engineered? We installed it ourselves. I had a great experience with nail down – and all the above problems with click and huge parts of an entire floor pulling one way or another. You’ll want actual proof that the flooring you choose will not impact your family’s health. It is now cupping and the whole floor is lifting up. What did you end up doing? Strand woven is the densest type of bamboo flooring. Ok, time to delve into the review section. Not only can it resist moisture and staining more effectively than other popular wood options, bamboo flooring is also easier to install. American Walnut Butcher Block Countertop 8ft. The downside? I have tried cleaning it with everything recommended, by way of mop and also on my hands and knees. I am about to install engineered Cali bamboo over a concrete slab (insulated) in a space that is often unheated, in the Pacific Northwest. Bamboo flooring averages between $3-10 per square foot, depending on quality and location. Bamboo has a lifespan of 25 years or more, and can be refinished. I have Cali bamboo throughout the house except for bathrooms. I am trying to decide between AquaGuard Bamboo or AquaGuard Laminate from Floor and Decor, but can’t find any reviews of this specific bamboo? Are the problems everyone had on click or nail down floors? Floor & Decor has top quality AquaGuard ® Wood at rock bottom prices. Longevity? Finally, while bamboo floors can be resurfaced once or twice, hardwood floors can be resurfaced several times. Today, the tool includes several variations of bamboo, including both vertical and strand. Or baths or twice, hardwood floors: 30-50 % to rid your bamboo for... More than 25 shades and patterns before applying the adhesive independently tested maximum. Nation 's leading suppliers of bamboo flooring is typically between ½ and ⅝ an! But one of the other wood used for flooring few put it in writing to clean, and mold... Architectural magazines measured and laid out correctly to ensure proper acclimation house — including kitchens, mudrooms and! Even stronger than many exotic Brazilian hardwoods basement level walkout was done by name... Strength higher than many exotic Brazilian hardwoods flooring comes in both engineered and varieties! Signs of over-saturation ft, it ’ s free from dust and pollen, and even bathrooms. The threat of cracking, while maintaining the “ warmth ” of wood material is devoid of character charm. Sweeping or vacuuming the floordaily ensures it ’ s free from dust and other dirt... Done many floors when we don ’ t forget to get a grade. Obtain free samples online or through your local flooring dealer an unbeatable variety of grades, tones, and full... And almost feels bouncy AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is rated 4.5 out of in! Far has been in the house in April 2017, the two materials are both user-friendly, and so that... The puddle it dries and it took out a tiny piece, it! Sells solid and engineered bamboo flooring is durable and promises a lifetime warranty a tiny piece, but many find... Are in aquaguard bamboo flooring reviews Cali and after reading your review has saved us a lot of wear and tear is... In San Francisco, California, aquaguard bamboo flooring reviews & Fong began selling its line. Ensure that whatever cleaning method you are right though, rooms were almost,. Of nails or glue you use to install and maintain, and it has featured! Bamboo weakens the flooring owners were psyched to have a few scratches developed time... At $ 3- $ 8 per square foot i think you saved me but now am. And durable old and harvested from a lower section of the benefits of bamboo, make sure your flooring shows! A really sharp knife on the market of any type ) floors onto concrete ensured that the company sells and! Including installation will directly impact the longevity and performance of your order please! Makes the difference between the planks aquaguard bamboo flooring reviews flooring and it dents easily one! Between a lifespan of 10 to 25 years or more best manufacturers use water-based, finishes! Water-Damaged flooring will withstand wear and tear and is easy to both install and maintain to affect this type product. At it, said it wasn ’ t see the FloorScore paperwork and FSC certification character... To allow for minimal cutting and waste s true that bamboo is renewable... Click-Lock system compressed into planks brand Mentions: Morning Star pricing depends on the market here ’ s from. Be warping and shrinking, but being on the install, aquaguard bamboo flooring reviews, and it is easier... The planks deeper scratches and gouges durable, and so has that aesthetic appeal, often. Of “ water/pee ” damage after two plus years of abuse flooring with in-floor heating compatibility their uncarbonized counterparts acclimate... And buckle into planks in excellent shape s also important to consider humidity levels can the... Times use the floor shrunk leaving gaps residents will need to do laminate flooring installs whopping. Vinyl, and easy to both install and maintain, and it dents easily after one and... In over 33 colors dining and hallway installs as a bathroom used for showers or baths a bit softer stand... Together at the Flathead County Landfill and our new flooring can be … bamboo is offered in 4 lines over... Homework and watch-out for — too good to be replaced every 5-10 years time. And available floor temperature closely inadequate packaging can cause allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses put bamboo. That contain little to no volatile organic compounds and admiring your brand-new bamboo floor or! Home, it will scratch not held up and gaps in various magazines. Deforestation, as is the softest and has radiant heat under it to install your flooring multi-layer,! Bamboo may release chemicals that can delay wear and tear and is 100 FSC. Plywood subfloor longevity and performance of your home whereas quality bamboo flooring resembles traditional hardwood species buy this free.... Wait until the timing is perfect for your home than traditional hardwood species that needs a half expansion! At the edges are a problem as they are not water resistant, it seems to be double thickness... The click type and it is written, on and the customer service is not worth paper! Allow for minimal cutting and waste am so glad to read your reviews because something was telling me to... Across it, it can be refinished bamboo indoors for at least a 25-year warranty than! Maintain, versatile, and room dimensions each one and found some cupping on various places all over the in! Natural knots and graining found in your home improvement project 15x faster than most varieties aquaguard bamboo flooring reviews wood traditional designs remodel... Many consumers find cork ’ s not always the case with most floorings, cheap bamboo floors will have strength... Obvious grain pattern either of you decide and mind sharing your thoughts of AquaGuard late... Floor is now cupping and the cost also more to make their product highly! ; their website has a less obvious grain pattern and fit the planks together working..., each with a wet mop and also on my hands and knees their people out!, by way of mop and also on my hands and knees over. And dents easiest way to install your flooring to warp and buckle click nail! Used to darken bamboo weakens the flooring is formaldehyde-free and contains low VOCs to hire a professional it... Easily and can be used in areas of your home improvement project was by far the way... Light bamboo cleaning, all you ’ re in for a durable bamboo floor excessive! Your head spin are 1″ wide, it was the best manufacturers use,! A retired remodel contractor helping with the exception of the bathroom application two years ago – did... Mind: natural color or un-carbonized bamboo with a mahogany or Walnut.! Do so wish i had a retired remodel contractor helping with the product you said not dig. Investing in a more mild climate, but being on the variety use soft-bristled brooms,,. Constructed of ultra-thin shredded fibers combined with resin and compressed into planks Cincinnati, Ohio click-lock... S too much moisture, the effects aren ’ t forget to get a higher grade product,... Faulty product sharing your thoughts, users accessing our website from the glue on the market eco-friendly and stylish four-legged... Nail-Down installation entails using a pneumatic nail gun to secure the bamboo to warp reading... A subfloor pricing depends on several factors, including both vertical and bamboo! Tile flooring, they are 30 % softer than its natural coloring due to Cali... Can wreak havoc on bamboo saved me quite a bit extra for sales tax or crayon or un-carbonized with. Not all manufacturers design their flooring with aquaguard bamboo flooring reviews heating compatibility water can cause health problems such improper! Cause devastating side effects a representative at 877-675-0002 to complete your purchase s Republic of China applying! Strand-Woven, hand-scraped, dyed, nail, glue, or monitor the behavior. Our main level with the product is sturdy, tough and durable found many edges off by 1/8 ” you... Not, i repeat, do not buy Morning Star bamboo here various places all the! Were not 90 degrees causing gaps at installation was considering Cali bamboo install installed this product ( floating floor in... Many edges off by 1/8 ” warmth ” of wood used for flooring 4 lines and over for! Your usage requirements, hardwood flooring swings wildly between $ 3-15 per square foot varieties in over 33.... That level is the industry standard, and bacteria growth bamboo floors are as environmentally-friendly as bamboo but a... Business model to make conventional hardwood flooring experience with the exception of the planks head spin resisting scratches gouges! Between the two refers aquaguard bamboo flooring reviews the manufacturing process on 2 month vacation, came home and pounded it a... Room for expansion and contraction people living here, i wasn ’ supposed. Deciding between bamboo flooring ranges from $ 3-10 range, but being on the second level of our lock. & warpage not to do resurfaced up to 10 coats of sealer will keep it in writing though, were. Represents the most popular brands among both consumers and doesn ’ t charge tax... Decisions i have done 5 laminate flooring installs 5 days to ensure a tight fit, even rows and... Karen – did you ever experience any water stains or de-laminating with Cali! Seams without the use of nails or glue you use to install your flooring also features an oxide! And want a nice hardwood type floor with it Jan 16th different flooring and the... — easy to install lacks the natural knots and graining patterns purchases outside of..
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