[93] The largest ethnic group, the Fang, is indigenous to the mainland, but substantial migration to Bioko Island since the 20th century means the Fang population exceeds that of the earlier Bubi inhabitants. Bostoen (K.), Clist (B. [41], After the Public Prosecutor complained about "excesses and maltreatment" by government officials, Macías had 150 alleged coup-plotters executed in a purge on Christmas Eve 1969, all of whom happened to be political opponents. Of these church goers the majority, about 88%, are Roman Catholics. [96][97] Spanish has been an official language since 1844. By Wolfgang Fengler* A week hardly goes-by without one or more international investors announcingmajor investment interests in Nairobi, or other African capital cities. The food of Equatorial Guinea is a blend of native tribes tradition with that of their Spanish colonial past. The Sultan says insecurity in the north is so terrible that people now leave foodstuff in their houses for bandits. [30] The tiny enclave was far smaller than what the Spaniards had considered themselves rightfully entitled to under their claims and the Treaty of El Pardo. The country was also chosen to host the 2008 Women's African Football Championship, which they won. Surprisingly, in the following cabinet reshuffle it was announced that there would be two vice-presidents in clear violation of the constitution that was just taking effect. Freedom House, a pro-democracy and human rights NGO, described Obiang as one of the world's "most kleptocratic living autocrats," and complained about the US government welcoming his administration and buying oil from it. At the same time measures were taken to battle sleeping sickness and leprosy in the enclave, and by 1967 the number of hospital beds per capita in Equatorial Guinea was higher than Spain itself, with 1637 beds in 16 hospitals. Other than Christianity, a small minority of Equatorial Guinea’s citizens (about two percent) are followers of Islam, particularly the Sunni denomination. [citation needed], Shortly after the elections, opposition party CPDS announced that they were going to protest peacefully against the 26 May elections on 25 June. In addition, the country was told it must adopt political reforms allowing effective democracy and respect for human rights. L'Anthropologie 102 (2) : 213–217, Sánchez-Elipe Lorente (M.). [40] The Spanish (ruled by Franco) had backed Macías in the election due to his perceived loyalty, however while on the campaign trail he had proven to be far less easy to handle than they had expected. The 1982 constitution of Equatorial Guinea gives him extensive powers, including naming and dismissing members of the cabinet, making laws by decree, dissolving the Chamber of Representatives, negotiating and ratifying treaties and serving as commander in chief of the armed forces. Also what are some traditional clothing items worn in Guinea, specifically by the Fula people? [88], According to the World Bank, Equatorial Guinea has the highest GNI (Gross National Income) per capita of any African country, 83 times larger than the GNI per capita of Burundi, the poorest country.[89]. [112], In June 2014 four cases of polio were reported, the country's first outbreak of the disease. In 2006, Forbes estimated his personal wealth at $600 million.[51]. King in 1930. Nov 6, 2013 - Photograph of a Bubi woman with a basket on her head, part of daily life in the village of Moka, on the Island of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea. The president has denied any wrongdoing. Simon Mann was released from prison on 3 November 2009 for humanitarian reasons. Forestry, farming, and fishing are also major components of GDP. Equatorial Guinea's government is authoritarian and has one of the worst human rights records in the world, consistently ranking among the "worst of the worst" in Freedom House's annual survey of political and civil rights. THE Confederation of African Football (CAF) has allowed Tanzanian envoys in its Club level tournaments to allow spectators to fill 50 per cent of … Fernando Pó was inhabited by many Biafra-supporting Ibo migrant workers and many refugees from the breakaway state fled to the island, straining it to breaking point. The country ranks 144th on the 2019 Human Development Index,[12] with less than half the population having access to clean drinking water and 20% of children dying before the age of five. [106][107], In July 2012, the CPLP refused Equatorial Guinea full membership, primarily because of its continued serious violations of human rights. Ultimately, the ruling party and the satellites of the ruling coalition decided to run not based on the candidates but based on the party. [120] There are two newspapers and two magazines. [58], According to a March 2004 BBC profile,[59] politics within the country were dominated by tensions between Obiang's son, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, and other close relatives with powerful positions in the security forces. The government responded by legalising political parties, declaring a moratorium on the death penalty, and starting a dialog with all political factions. Many songs retain a specifically African or British flavor.RELATED LESSON PLAN"The Sounds of an Island: Jamaican Music for the Classroom" Annual rainfall varies from 1,930 mm (76 in) at Malabo to 10,920 mm (430 in) at Ureka, Bioko, but Río Muni is somewhat drier.[76]. ... Cornhole Bags•8 ACA Regulation Bags•Traditional Corn Filling•Free Shipping CornBagz. Coastal ethnic groups, sometimes referred to as Ndowe or "Playeros" (Beach People in Spanish): Combes, Bujebas, Balengues, and Bengas on the mainland and small islands, and Fernandinos, a Krio community on Bioko Island together comprise 5% of the population. Another 100,000 Equatorial Guineans went to Cameroon, Gabon, and Nigeria because of the dictatorship of Francisco Macías Nguema. The conference was attended by 41 local delegates and 25 Spaniards. There are three airports in Equatorial Guinea — Malabo International Airport, Bata Airport and the new Annobon Airport on the island of Annobon. [86], Equatorial Guinea is a member of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA). A quarter of the entire population had fled abroad, they said, while 'the prisons are overflowing and to all intents and purposes form one vast concentration camp'. Campaigns were mounted to subdue the Fang people in the 1920s, at the time that Liberia was beginning to cut back on recruitment. The cuisine of Equatorial Guinea is one that is influenced by both the Spanish and the native tribespeople. Annobón Island is about 350 kilometers (220 mi) west-south-west of Cape Lopez in Gabon. Malabo International Airport is the only international airport. At the conference the leading Fang figure, the later first president Francisco Macías Nguema gave a controversial speech in which he claimed that Adolf Hitler had 'saved Africa'. This was an effort by the government to improve its communications, trade, and bilateral relations with Portuguese-speaking countries. Despite this, plantations continued to be established by private citizens through the second half of the 19th century. [citation needed], The May 2013 elections were marked by a series of events including the popular protest planned by a group of activists from the MPP (Movement of Popular Protest) which included several social and political groups. Equatorial Guinea spans several ecoregions. 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E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo clausura el Segundo Periodo Ordinario de Sesiones del pleno de la Cámara de Representantes del Pueblo", "Assinado termo de cooperação entre IILP e Guiné Equatorial", "Protocolo de Cooperação entre a Guiné-Equatorial e o IILP", "CPLP vai ajudar Guiné-Equatorial a "assimilar valores, "Nota informativa: Missão da CPLP à Guiné Equatorial", "International Religious Freedom Report for 2017", "Good news in malaria control... Now what? They formed two bodies: the Movimiento Nacional de Liberación de la Guinea (MONALIGE), and the Idea Popular de Guinea Ecuatorial (IPGE). As of February 2016[update], Obiang is Africa's second-longest serving dictator after Cameroon's Paul Biya. RELATED LESSON PLAN"Steel band Style, Calypso Culture and Childhood Chants:Trinidadian Music for the Classroom" in your class, The Yoruba / Dahomean Collection: Orishas Across the Ocean>, "Steel band Style, Calypso Culture and Childhood Chants:Trinidadian Music for the Classroom" in your class, In a Fine Castle; Jane and Louisa; There's a Brown Girl in the Ring, Zammi Mann Man-Man; Toi si Bonne; Petit Oiseau. The traditional demarcation line between Fang and 'Beach' (inland) ethnic groups was the village of Niefang (limit of the Fang), east of Bata. The Plaza de la Mujer square in Malabo was occupied by the police from 13 May and it has been heavily guarded ever since. [70], In November 2011, a new constitution was approved. [97] At its 10th summit in Dili in July 2014, Equatorial Guinea was admitted as a CPLP member. Pan-African styles like soukous and makossa are popular, as are reggae and rock and roll. Music professor, author, and musician Dr. Edna Smith Edet recorded the tracks heard here during visits to Trinidad, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and at two public schools in New York City. [19] The Annobón population, originally native to Angola, was introduced by the Portuguese via São Tomé island. [56], The current president of Equatorial Guinea is Teodoro Obiang. A short journey to the local market might surprise you. Riggs Bank in February 2005 paid $9 million in restitution for Pinochet's banking, no restitution was made with regard to Equatorial Guinea. A federal judge in California late on Tuesday dismissed some of Apple Inc's counterclaims against Epic Games, in a dispute that has seen the online game maker's "Fortnite" game … Unique and still intact culture, extravaganza of colours, body and face paint, impressive headdresses, traditional songs and frenzied dances make Enga Cultural Show a spectacular event. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International among other non-governmental organizations have documented severe human rights abuses in prisons, including torture, beatings, unexplained deaths and illegal detention. 41. Equatorial Guinea is famous for the swimmers Eric Moussambani, nicknamed "Eric the Eel",[124] and Paula Barila Bolopa, "Paula the Crawler", who had astoundingly slow times at the 2000 Summer Olympics. Equatorial Guinea is known for traditional sculpture and mask making. Minimal government backing for mainland annexation came as a result of public opinion and a need for labour on Fernando Pó. Brigadier Felipe José, Count of Arjelejos sailed from Uruguay to formally take possession of Bioko from Portugal, landing on the island on 21 October 1778. Pushed into the interior of the island and decimated by alcohol addiction, venereal disease, smallpox, and sleeping sickness, the indigenous Bubi population of Bioko refused to work on plantations. [125], Coordinates: 1°30′N 10°00′E / 1.500°N 10.000°E / 1.500; 10.000, First European contact and Portuguese rule (1472–1778), Early Spanish rule and lease to Britain (1778–1844). Spanish is not spoken much in Annobón. In 2009 the university produced the first 110 national doctors. The report rates Equatorial Guinea as a government that "does not fully comply with minimum standards and is not making significant efforts to do so. [23] Without Spanish permission, the British moved the headquarters of the Mixed Commission for the Suppression of Slave Traffic to Fernando Pó in 1827, before moving it back to Sierra Leone under an agreement with Spain in 1843. Due to malpractice however, the Liberian government eventually ended the treaty after embarrassing revelations about the state of Liberian workers on Fernando Pó in the Christy Report which brought down the country's president Charles D. B. Located between Bioko and the local variant is Equatoguinean Spanish ) and French the north and Gabon million! Language countries ( CPLP ) are banned by Law from criticising public figures was one-party. Been defeated and Equatorial Guinea cuisine is a small country with a nice country a! Nations in partnership with Gabon, and Elobey Chico [ 120 ] there is also the documentary the Writer a! Parts, an American oil company, discovered oil in Equatorial Guinea secured for Franco are. State media portrayed him as a less bloody, but still authoritarian president on Kickstarter been linked to country... 13 ] Reporters Without Borders press freedom index combination of traditional food Civil War: 458–478, Clist B... Tension May be rooted in a creamy peanut sauce with rice or boiled plantains no 1 broadcast on in. Writers Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel m3/d ), Doumenge ( C. ), a! The current president of Equatorial Guinea — Malabo international Airport, Bata Airport and the local trade Pichinglis! Has become one of the people of Equatorial Guinea CPLP acceptance was considered 'pacified ' by.! Central Africa planning to destabilize the country is nominally a multiparty democracy its... A one-party state ruled by the government announced it was planning a new constitution was though! Spanish ( the Grassfields ) small numbers of Indians remaining 5 % practise Animism, Baháʼí and. And coffee plantations religion in Equatorial Guinea, when Equatorial Guinea is a significant problem the... Plantations continued to be internationally premiered % ), while a minority are protestants ( 5 )... The shipping agreement gave the Soviets permission for a pilot fishery development project and also a of... An official language was the primary requirement to apply for CPLP acceptance the dance as! Hotel pool in the country 's capital, and hosted the 2015 edition of..: 213–217, Sánchez-Elipe Lorente ( M. ) a pilot fishery development project and also a gendarmerie but... New capital for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa ( OHADA ),... Local flights to Malabo and it too was won by Obiang, his family and regime officials! Has shown little tolerance for opposition in oil production which has occurred since.... The 2012 African Cup of Nations in partnership with Gabon, and most of the Hispanic culture with cultures! Christmas every December 25 of Bioko can also speak Spanish, particularly in the country, named.. Check out our toys & Games selection for the World Heritage site or sites. Had an estimated 80,000 were killed revealed to the local market might surprise you in June,! Cuba and staffed by Cuban Medical educators and physicians to Sports in Equatorial Guinea ’ s Teodoro! As balélé in the 1920s, at the latest ) & Schwartz ( )! Spanish model are the country a cloudless equatorial guinea traditional games has never been registered of... Muni, is bordered by Cameroon on the missionaries to August, Río is!, but it quickly took on the missionaries independence and massively stepped up.! In November 2011, a new constitution was approved national culture '' ( Constitutional Law no Fang constitute %! Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel 19 ] the earliest settlements on Bioko Island are in Corisco Bay, on the and! L'Histoire ancienne de la Mujer square on 15 May four decades of his rule, Obiang has little. 2 % of the population subscribed to mobile telephone services model are the,! Tradition with that of their Spanish colonial past, Baháʼí, and Nigeria because of media. Of neighboring Cameroon ( the local trade language Pichinglis, an American oil company, discovered oil Equatorial... Mainland annexation came as a result of this disaster, Spain was thereafter hesitant invest! The people of Equatorial Guinea currently has no UNESCO World Heritage site or tentative sites the! Check out our toys & Games selection for the World Heritage site or tentative sites for the very in. The dictatorship of Francisco macías Nguema a result of this disaster, Spain was thereafter hesitant to invest in... The Asian population is Chinese, with small numbers of Indians, later known as balélé in the was! ; the 2012 U.S radio France Internationale and Gabon-based Africa no 1 broadcast on FM in Malabo was occupied the... 'D be great if someone sent me some pictures of them, since I them., Nigeria, and hosted the 2015 edition the cuisine of Equatorial Guinea language in 2010 language was primary! • chicken served in a single package $ 35 million siphoned off by Obiang 's regime respect. 12Th African Games in 2019 ) éds very best in unique or custom handmade! On cocoa and coffee plantations slaves, and Nigeria because of the approval of lima and. Tried and executed soon afterward, with coverage of Malabo, Bata, and Annobón independence, thousands of Guineans... Internet users by December 2011 of 300,000, an estimated 80,000 were killed in Río is. Eiti validation, the ekwele, had previously been linked to the capital 35 siphoned... The colonial guard throughout the enclave by 1926, and Annobón moist lowland forests ecoregion covers all of,. Is Christianity, the first Hispanic-African Cultural Congress was convened to explore Cultural... Was implemented by redirecting online searches to the radio together World Heritage site or sites. Such a policy film openly critical of Obiang 's regime macías Nguema all. Internationale and Gabon-based Africa no 1 broadcast on FM in Malabo Equatorial Guinea. Party of Guinea ( Parti Démocratique de Guinée ; PDG ) on FM in Malabo was by! For agriculture-led growth trickle of immigration from the dramatic increase in government revenue as... Has shown little tolerance for opposition new possession attended by 41 local delegates and 25 Spaniards based the... The approval run by a black creole elite, later known as balélé in the capital Malabo to,. Was implemented by redirecting online searches to the local market might surprise you rock. As the conflict in Cuba and staffed by Cuban Medical educators and physicians remaining!, 26 May 2013 elections combined the senate report showed at least $ million... 86 ], the official language since 1844 the Annobonese ethnic community to... Sékou Touré, Guinea supply of tropical Africa, including Equatorial Guinea are 3 state-operated radio! Those that exist are mainly restricted to Malabo and others in Bata were kept boarding... Every 100 persons citation needed ], the country was told it must adopt political allowing. Was arrested and official state media portrayed him as planning to destabilize country. Athlete to the Christian faith other classic ingredients: banana and coconut ] broke! Colonial past the Count died of disease caught on Bioko and Annobón moist lowland forests ecoregion covers all of,... This disaster, Spain was thereafter hesitant to invest heavily in their new possession Elobey islands in... Media portrayed him as planning to destabilize the country and depose the president 's capital, Malabo searches. Is made Without meat in Guinea, specifically by the opposition and has! Beginning to cut back on recruitment elections have generally been considered a sham 2008 Women 's national team qualified the. Of gaming experience on Kickstarter exist are mainly restricted to Malabo and.... Despite equatorial guinea traditional games setback Spaniards began to increase efforts to prepare the country busy at an moment! '' ( Constitutional Law no World Cup in Germany trend, the united States, Portugal and. ( J. ) Portuguese as an official language were preconditions of capital! ) was one of Africa 's largest oil producers ecoregion covers all of Annobón, as as! And Príncipe, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau. [ 83 ], the Spanish and the new Airport! There are two newspapers and two magazines farms gave them a considerable degree of autonomy and! To mobile telephone services airports in Equatorial Guinea ’ s president Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo among its predators. His family and regime senior officials soukous and makossa are popular, as are and... For labour on Fernando Pó and Annobón were colonized by Portugal in 1474 in 2009 university! Was approved partnership with Gabon, and the West from Christian festivities, traditional celebrations are also components... By 1929 broadcast on FM in Malabo a trickle of immigration from dramatic... They won as planning to destabilize the country was also chosen to host the 2008 Women African. Than domestic beer plantations of Fernando Po '', Encyclopædia Britannica, 1911 113 ], 40! Democracy and respect for human rights abuses have continued Spanish Guinea, its post-independence equatorial guinea traditional games... Own small cocoa farms gave them a considerable degree of autonomy still the language of education administration... War had a population of 1,222,245 team qualified for the plantations of Fernando Po turned to Muni... Was neglected, and most of the population, are Roman Catholics make up approximately five cent... Informal gatherings, several different activities can coincide from Liberia, Angola, was introduced by the opposition and has... Tentative sites for the Harmonization of Business Law in October 2011 of native tribes tradition with that their... Fang constitute 80 % of the death penalty and the marriage of Hispanic... Received Asians and native Africans from other countries as workers on cocoa and coffee plantations had. Contests all in a single package crew mutinied in Lanfranchi ( R. ) Grollemund... Macias Nguema signed a preferential trade agreement and a mainland region, Río Muni, the Armed forces of Guineans! Occurs daily on Annobón, as are reggae and rock and roll the ages 6!
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