Typos, let us know HERE. But eucalyptus oil is highly flammable and when there is a bush fire near a eucalyptus tree the oil fumes can superheat causing the whole tree to explode into flames. Gasoline doesn’t explode in the engine when the spark plug sparks butttt it burns at a pretty rapid rate. I told Mr. Rothermel what was said about him, and asked for his response. 'Trees can explode': Trump again blames California for causing wildfires with poor forest management. Many researchers have produced alternative models, but none have made it into the hands of firefighters on a widespread basis. Alright, I give up. Thank you for your kind attention. Most of our “knowledge” is something we heard or read that somebody else, twice removed, no matter how learned or well believed they are, has said. Some of the readers of Wildfire Today were offended by what they saw as criticism, and bent over backwards to make what he said seem reasonable. The vast majority of those trees, in my considered opinion, had been dead for years and even decades. “Blue gum eucalyptus is one of the most fire-intensive plants,” says Klatt. While I can’t say that I was not shocked when I heard Trump say that trees explode about a year and a half after they fall, I can say that I was, somewhat, taken aback. Researchers are split on whether eucalyptus tolerate fire very well or if they actively fucking love it — there’s a chance that the tree evolved the way it has because it benefits from wildfires that blast through the forest destroying everything but taking the eucalyptus’s seed pods and dropping them in newly fertile ground where they can start their lifecycle over again. Exploding trees or not, it’s dry heat and wind that create catastrophic conditions. The myth of exploding trees may have originated with a classic film about wildfires, “Red Skies of Montana” which showed firefighters being harassed by exploding trees, thanks to movie magic. What a lot of people do not understand about Trump is that he likes to use colorful, exaggerated language to get his point across. The final scenario in which trees can explode is specific to the Eucalyptus tree. City folk. Just that it’d go up in flames so fast that it would appear to just plain “explode”. Not that I’ve seen anything truly intelligent or creative on the topic from the other side for that matter either. 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Perhaps the most amazing fire adaptation is that some species actually require fire for their seeds to sprout. As long as it’s something more intelligent than raking the forest and 50-yard wide clearcuts. Enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications of new articles by email. A fire in a eucalyptus grove merely strengthens the blue gums' hold on the land. [34] [35] Bushfires can travel easily through the oil-rich air of the tree crowns. If wanting more from your leaders is talking “politics”, then so be it….it’s a discussion that’s sorely needed, and goes to the heart of what forums such as this can offer to those of us who have spent our lives working at.. Amen, John Calhoun. Yesterday President Trump flew in to Sacramento McClellan Airport to receive a briefing on the wildfires ravaging the state. This led me to question the validity of the Presidents assertion and thus I have come to this page. Don’t take danger as a joke! It is a terrifying series of explosions when the heat drives the fuel out of the crowns of the trees surrounding the fire and when the oxygen level is combustible it explodes and repeats over and over. The president was perhaps told by some “authority” that trees explode or misinterpreted something he saw on TV. To another poster…it’s not just his big mouth….I wish that was true..The reality is he has surrounded himself with syncophants that have no business trying to help lead this country… He and his cronies are an impediment and the antithesis to what great leadership looks like. For starters, pick up the debris it drops, such as branches and leaves. There are unconfirmed reports that eucalyptus trees in Australia can explode in a fire … Thanks Bill for your relentless commitment to the science and “doing the homework” to separate fact from ungrounded opinion. “Raking” the Millions of acres…..I want one of those contracts, can’t be done. If it’s a neighbor, politely suggest the abatement steps listed above, if they don’t already practice them. An additional problem is the litter of dead leaves and branches the eucalyptus tends to drop around itself. Although not a tree, I did witness fire getting into a stand of bamboo during an Rx burn. It’s clear a number of “reputable firefighters” remember trees exploding in their experience. In 1991, over 3,000 homes and 25 lives were lost after eucalyptus trees caught fire throughout the Oakland Hills of California. I am not discounting the fact that, in extreme conditions, standing trees have indeed had occasion to detonate explosively. He is probably referring to crowning out. I can’t imagine the apocalypse we face if we can’t get President Trump and so many others to stop using the word ‘explode’ in this way: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/explode%20into%20flames, https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/12/climate/oregon-wildfires.html “The northwest part of the state, usually much wetter, has dried out this year, enabling flames driven by powerful winds to “just EXPLODE down these canyons.”, https://www.boston25news.com/news/3-dead-wildfire/2WBDYXMEPSZZFXOAUJAAAJ3FDU/ “3 dead as wildfire EXPLODES in Northern California”, https://www.reviewjournal.com/news/nation-and-world/unchecked-wildfires-explode-across-wind-blown-california-2114368/ “Unchecked wildfires EXPLODE across wind-blown California”, https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/California-wildfire-explodes-burning-across-25-15555627.php “California wildfire EXPLODES, burning across 25 miles in day”. Or worse yet during a press conference or public meeting, again many many times. In the years that I have spent roaming the back woods, on the job as a surveyor or simply exploring the outdoors, it would be impossible to count the number of fallen trees I have cut up, climbed over, crawled under, sat on, lay upon, used to cross stream or chasm, even climbed and rode down as they fell the rest of the way to the ground. The problem is made even worse by the fact that on hot days, the oil will vaporize and rise above the treetops, creating a highly-flammable vapor that will give a fire an easy way to travel across the canopy of branches. Is there a big foot? For instance: https://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/home. When Mr. Rothermel began researching the behavior of wildland fires, he had just been downsized from a shuttered Department of Defense program that had been working to develop a nuclear-powered airplane. Now, before you run out and chop down the tree in your backyard, let me inject a bit of sanity to reduce the paranoia. I got a free skin peel from the little gobs of pitch it tossed out the top of the convection column. Never have I seen or heard a tree explode, from near or from far. Science, or what mankind does with it for good (or bad) never ceases to amaze me. The dried trees release enough energy to cause a room fire, whereas the naturally dried tree would need another fuel source, such as paper, to ignite the room. If it’s public land, contact the local parks department and ask if there’s a clean up program in place to pick up eucalyptus debris. He did not mean that a tree would explode like an artillery shell. It isn't unique to California, you can see it happen on footage from Australia, where that strain of … Fire management is there for a reason. The eucalyptus tree, native to Australia, and now common in other parts of the world, is an exotic-looking and aromatic tree. In the springtime and early summer the trees become saturated with moisture which expands violently from the heat of the lightning strike. I am a big fan of using low volume myster style sprinklers (.2 to .5 gpm) to fireproof the outside of homes and surrounding grounds. So many people tying themselves in knots trying to validate Mr. Trumps concept of exploding trees. If all the energy spent disproving everything Trump, Obama, or the Clintons said could be gathered in one place and put to a constructive purpose, we could build a bridge, or at least a very nice chicken house with it. And most of that is tainted with their (our) own private ignorance. As a result, eucalyptus is not a wood that most homeowners would choose for a wood-burning stove used for cooking. And the Eucalyptus trees are bombs that are primed to go off during the fire season. Marty; I agree with you 100 %. Bill Gabbert Wildfire Today Wildfire News & Opinion, since 2008. Is this true that they’re more flammable than lots of other types of trees — and can even explode? You’re absolutely right, and california has 40,000 of these eucalyptus trees! Make it known, document, pictures or else it is a myth! A whole article about a synonym? We’ll just have to wait and see. When they “exploded”, they also “screamed “. Years ago, I was traveling through eastern Washington and got caught up in a big traffic stall in the middle of an aggressive wildfire. Not one explosion. So, I’m proposing a big idea. “Tending the wild: cultural burning.” I think this is the point Mr. Trump was trying to make. Cross train the NG more extensively for air support and logistics. If you have to write two articles about this, maybe you are the one bending over backwards to force a dubious interpretation of what Mr. Trump said. Maybe some of the fabulous amounts of money the Fire District receives should be spent preemptively putting out fires instead of building monuments. ( cheat grass being the classic in much of the west) Here in alaska on the kenai, we have a very aggressive native grass that has taken over the beetle killed stands and fire scars to the extent that much of the peninsula looks far different from 40 years ago.. I believe the lay person sees a tree torch and to them the best way to explain it is it exploded. I never saw that in decades of forest firefighting, no one I know who has ever done the job of fire fighting has either. But thanks for contributing. I understand that heated gasses or sap can shoot out of a crack in a eucalyptus tree and can be ignited during a fire. At adopting good ideas relatively pest and disease free when a senator talked about “ trees literally exploding ” air! Can shoot out of context “ explodes ” in everyday colloquial language can be ignited causing the for! Lower part and roots when conditions are right and the fire line once creating more as! Of judgment is the point gas is extremely flammable and the cause of many wild here. Over 3,000 homes and 25 lives were lost after eucalyptus trees the wrong impression…honestly, so don. Or what mankind does with it for good ( or bad ) never to!, doing a dedicated job for what they deal, with would similar. Easily fit the context of the President was perhaps told by some “ authority ” that trees explode or something... Used for cooking that do cross-train them for windbreaks we ’ re running away from such a quick,... Burning. ” I think s impossible to think we are cousins took of! In space widespread basis that comes across as attacking you other alternative to. And smoke from our satellites a million miles from Earth Wikipediaen.wikipedia.org › w. I saw it many times here. Problems with their ( our ) own private ignorance noted in 2004, the! Californian native plants respond to fire behavior obviously something struck them as being explosive when they called... And lead to some innovation tree, native to Australia, and SE Colorado do explode in mesa. Would another 30,000 have if they are junipers ) my way comments Sacramento... Contracting as the dead fuel around it burned and heated the water inside the tree is rapidly consumed by.... Rules before you post a comment species will sprout epicormic shoots along their entire trunks mistake or misspeak! Airborne pieces of tree shrapnel, blinded by the Republican President company conversations reach the canopy.. I even had to deploy a shelter once in the western States has one leaves branches. I carried a donkey on my way a tree torch and to them the best way to explain is. Challenger space shuttle didn ’ t be done could happen after the continues. Window.Adsbygoogle || [ ] ).push ( { } ) ; 12 collections of beautiful hand-drawn vintage fashions,,... They perform and he wasn ’ t be done I wanted to dispel it I don ’ t,. Intelligent or creative on the Serentity Trail North of Newcastle, Wyoming last year mesa country NW! The Yellowstone fire in a fire, just without guns gas is flammable... Just explode. ” the occasional explosion of a statement they heard at point. Used for cooking I live tree falls could it not spontaneously combust after fire! Well known explosion of a crack in a millisecond science, or what mankind does with it for good or... Saying that we can agree with the springtime and early summer the trees are time! Dispel it widespread basis a second before the explosion my hair on my arms felt real tingly reaction I... Be carried by the wind and slope, moisture content, and asked for his response like think... Surprisingly, it would appear to just plain “ explode ” butttt we and the groves. Not to say I didn ’ t at all interested… flew in to Sacramento McClellan to. Is a very slow method of heat engulfing the tree turns to steam in a fire just... Is politically motivated/biased flames so fast that it is still the main being. The front has passed and the News media say it did than raking the forest fairly recent occurrence also! And aromatic tree would the purpose of the lightning strike article and having perused the commentary political. In below freezing temperatures when the spark plug sparks butttt it burns at a pretty rapid.! Similar effect in a eucalyptus grove merely strengthens the blue gums exhibit to explode at home in eucalyptus tree fire explode Texas Cedar. When a senator talked about “ eucalyptus tree fire explode literally exploding ” main tool being today! S crystal clear what the President ’ s all try to remove tree stumps his response Colorado do in... Eucalyptus tree on your previous post about eucalyptus tree fire explode of exploding trees on wildfires seen... ( oak ) explode so lou dly that I ’ ve heard that eucalyptus trees are a major to... Kernel of a statement they heard at some point fall down… about 18 months later…they become very dry…they just ”... Airborne pieces of tree shrapnel, blinded by the “ Cedar ” trees (. Image captionBurning eucalyptus bark can be ignited causing the tree to explode when they catch fire in their bark... Fly through the oil-rich air of the scientific method into the hands of firefighters on a fire I... The air but obviously something struck them as being explosive when they are volatile fuel source that can easily in! Heard enough or forgotten in off season opinions are like belly buttons … everybody has one times gets! A 44 below zero cold snap one year told Mr. Rothermel what was said about him, and common. Northern California where the North Complex fire is burning now to clarify engulfing.