Buy Live Ants, Queen Ants, Ant Colonies, Ant Habitats, Ant Food, Ant Equipment and more British Ants are a family run business providing Queen ants and ant keeping supplies across Europe, located in West Sussex UK our aim is to bring you affordable live stock, formicariums and sundries from across the globe! Have your ant queen shipped to you, and your ant … Dind’t have the proper gear to take her home safely, but I did just watch her move with her royal guards. Choose your queens, and then buy queen bees online today. Free shipping. The ant colony is intended for the ant farms of acrylic, gypsum and sand. On Sale! Deep in the rainforest, you see a very long trail of ants moving along the forest floor. Note: the GAN Farmer may request for either PayPal payment or cash/check in person. Queen Ants For Sale; Contact; Home » Shop » For Atta/Acromyrmex. You also cannot buy of ants from a different State/Province if you live in US, Canada, or Australia. 1-16 of 314 results for "queen ants for sale" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Read the GAN Farmer agreement and click off the box to agree to the terms. Get the best deals for queen ants at Damage to plants produced by Texas leaf cutting ants can resemble damage produced by some other chewing insects such as leaf cutting bees. We are like the “Uber” for live ants, constantly bringing together ant lovers with locally raised ant colonies! Queen Rearing: How To Raise Quality Queens. Leafcutter ants show Popular species - equipment; ants (361) show ants Ants from Central Europe ... Queen size 1 to 5mm 6 to 10mm 11 to 15mm 16 to 30mm … ], [ # of workers in the colony. Valve Connector – Female/Female $ 2.25. Many of the small ants are each carrying a large piece of a leaf. Thank you for your interest in our packages and queens. Some ant colonies come with complete setups. Derka (the host) is an amateur Ant Keeper and a lover of nature. AntLab Ant Keeping Supplies, manufacturers of premium quality formicaria, Ytong Nests, Acrylic Nests, Forager Arenas, HT GroPods™ for Leafcutter Ants COVID-19 UPDATE 10 OCT- Additional processing time, in stock products dispatched in 2-5 days. (leaf-cutter ants) Showing all 9 results. We may possibly ask you for proof of residence before purchase or during pickup. Antsylvania is a specialized distributor of queen ants and colonies. The sale of queen ants is frowned upon by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which has banned it for an important ecological reason. Payment is done in cash and in person to the GAN Farmer. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon ... ant grape Light Shading for Queen ant Laying Egg Bamboo Test Tube ant Farm Maze,Natural Sand Easy moisturing ant nest Ants House. Foraging ants take the bait back to feed to the rest of the colony, including the queen(s). When you adopt a colony from Antsylvania, you become immersed in a community that is supportive, informative, and caring. You must be at least 18 yrs old to sell ants through the GAN project or partner with your parent/guardian. NEW! These ants are sourced from their own private properties across Victoria in accordance with their Wildlife Trade Operation Licence and export permit. Queen ants for sale in Pennsylvania | Experience the elegance and intrigue of our natural world—adopt an ant colony from Antsylvania today. These queens have been known to live for up to 15 years. or Best Offer. Queen of Ants supplies top quality fertile ant queens and colonies worldwide. Desert southwest, rare (1 species) Anochetus- small trap-jaw ants. Experience the elegance and intrigue of our natural world. Follow his journey and take a listen to the official Ant Keeping Podcast. If the order contains 100+ Queens then we offer a 50% deposit upon ordering, and then 50% final payment when we ship your 100+ queen bees for FREE. 0 bids. Fungus cultivating ants species, cutting leafs which process to pulp is the basis of their fungus cultivation. They will reach a maximum population of around 50000 individuals and will grow up to 3 fungus gardens the size of a rugby ball. They help each other grow in a controlled manner so … British ants was the first company in Europe to introduce live arrival guarantees that has now become an … This number depends on the number of eggs that developed into ant (egg-larva-pupa-ant). Queen Ants and Ant keeping Equipment. Valve Connector – … Leafcutter ants, a non-generic name, are any of 47 species of leaf-chewing ants belonging to the two genera Atta and Acromyrmex.These species of tropical, fungus-growing ants are all endemic to South and Central America, Mexico, and parts of the southern United States. Mated Queen ants from around the globe, packaged in test tubes or containers to replicate their natural environment, these will arrive in our sealed clear bags with a security seal. $9.50 shipping. NIP Uncle Miltons Fascinating Ant Farm - Live Habitat -#15 Connectable - science. If your application is approved, we will email you within 1-2 days with confirmation that you have been added to our website as a GAN Farmer. The AntsCanada Global Ant Nursery Project™ offers a simple solution for those needing ant colonies with a queen for their formicariums, and also provides an opportunity for ant hobbyist to earn some extra money doing what they love. You cannot buy ants from another country or region. They can lay up to 1000 eggs each day." The AntsCanada Global Ant Nursery Project™ Our Project Objective. As you know I am very particular about providing quality queens. Be sure to also pick up our Ultimate Ant Keeping Handbook E-book for all the information needed to care for your ants properly. However, ants and characteristic ant mounds around … 2; Queen Ants 2. Outwith UK we supply public displays such as zoos, museums etc, as well as resellers. Read the GAN Host agreement and click the box to agree to the terms. Products used for Atta/Acromyrmex spp. Accessories 8; Acrylic Nests 0; Ant Keeping Starter Sets 2; Ytong Nests 7; Leafcutter Ant Housing 8. Acrylic Forager™ Arenas 5; GroArenas™ 0; Formicaria 14. Your parent/guardian should be filling out the form and providing us with the contact details (email, phone number, etc). Ants for Sale UK and Ant Farms. Look below to see if we have a GAN Farmer in your area. When the queen(s) is/are dead, no new worker ants … Shop for leaf cutter ant art from the world's greatest living artists. NEW! Tar Heel Ants owner, Mack Pridgen, has been involved in raising queen ants and researching new methods and habitats for over 9 years. are offering colonies of leaf cutting ants for general sale in UK. $60.00. All Rights Reserved. Supplied with Queen, small fungus garden, up to 20 ants, brood visible, approx 4-5 months from nuptial flight. We accept PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, or check/money order for payment. In an ecosystem, animals and plants live in a delicate balance. "Queen Leaf cutter ant queens are typically 30mm length, they are dull brown, very chubby, and are monogyn (one queen per colony). Free Shipping by Amazon. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Do you like to see quick ant activity, then we advice you to choose the Ant's Kingdom gel Antfarm with an Ant Family (worker ants) to see how they … For Atta/Acromyrmex. ... Found an red ant queen across the side of my town, she had 1/4 of her wing. Ant Keeping Store - Exotic Queen Ants for Sale, Ant Farm Shop and Formicarium Systems, Ant Keeping Supplies, Buy Live Feeder Insects and lots more Advanced Beekeeping: A Deeper Approach To Beekeeping. Leafcutter colonies depend on a constant supply of new workers from every cast. Live 40 ants for sale for ant farms science educational stem toys. Australia is home to the most diverse range of ant species in the world. Here is what to do to buy ants through the GAN Project: For questions relating to the GAN Project email us or post your inquiries in our forum. Through extensively researched techniques, our ants are collected and raised to ensure their safety, health, and comfort. This colony has 5 to 10 workers and the workers are thus hatched by the queen ant itself. Texas Leaf Cutter Ants are highly attracted to Leaf Saver™ Ant Bait due to its specifically designed granule size and bait matrix. Tell us exactly which queen ant colony/colonies you wish to adopt. Choose your favorite leaf cutter ant designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more! You will also receive a free copy of our Ultimate Ant Keeping Handbook Ebook, and an invite on Facebook to our private GAN Farmer group. Here you can buy all the ants, queens and species you need and FREE. African Ants 0; European Ants 1; Free Queen Ants 0; Foraging Arenas 5. $7.00. Light brown/orange, with spikes on their backs. or Best Offer. We also greatly recommend you house your new ant colony using any of our effective “All You Need” Starter Kit Gear Packs at our shop. Here at Ants Everything we have all of your queen ant, formicarium and ant keeping equipment in one place. Native and Exotic Queen Ants For Sale - Fresh mated Queens and colonies available - Worldwide Postage The practice of ordering or importing ant colonies through the mail is illegal in many areas, cruel, and is hazardous to a local ecosystem, therefore the GAN Project exists to encourage responsible ant keeping by promoting the keeping of local ant species. Valve Connector – Female/Male $ 2.25. These leafcutter ants are collecting leaves for use in their colony. FormiCast Podcast is your source for everything Ant Keeping. Acromyrmex- leafcutter ants. Antz For All are a family run supplier of ants for sale UK formicariums and ant keeping accessories. Colony must contain at least 1 worker ], [ test tube, formicarium, container, etc ], [ Pricing is completely up to you. Meet with the GAN Farmer in person (show government issued ID if prompted, e.g. ], [ # of colonies of this species you have for sale ], I agree to the terms and conditions of the. © 2018-2019 Antsylvania Ant Adoption. Our ants, colonies of ants and queens are of great quality. Queen Ants for sale And Queen Ants For Sale … We will guide your ant-keeping experience and answer your questions every step of the way. Payment Shipment Call us: +34 956 165 057. Our live queen ants and colonies are from the famous Gamergate brand. Desert southwest, locally abundant (1 species) Acropyga. Even if you don't adopt from Antsylvania, it would be our pleasure to share with you what we know. Getting Your Bees Through The Winter . "Workers Leaf cutter worker ants are typically 8-12mm. I'm excited about offering packages and queens for sale again this year. NEW! Live ants sale not permitted to the USA, Western Australia or Tasmania. He has done Podcasts on video games like Nintendo and Survival Games, but now he is doing a show about everything you need to know about Ant Keeping! Our mission is not only to sell ant colonies, but to improve the accessibility of ant-keeping as a hobby. Acromyrmex are ideal Leaf Cutting Ants for personal study or small scale public display. Ensuring that the collection process is sustainable and meets … Not only does connecting suppliers with local hobbyists prevent the accidental release of pest ants, the Global Ant Nursery should help foster regional myrmecological communities. We will send you the contact details of the GAN Farmer so you can arrange for a convenient time and location in a public place to meet for pick up the colony and payment. All ant species listed here were locally caught and captive raised, and each colony contains a queen and at least 1 worker ant (unless indicated). Suitable for. Find ants available for export here. We are always looking for new and enthusiastic ant hobbyists to offer ants for sale (or for free) in their area to local ant keepers and ant keeper hopefuls seeking to obtain an ant colony with a queen. Phone NumberEmail Address, Proof of Identification (indicating your address), Additional Details (Please include as well the link to the photos of your ant colonies), I agree to the terms and conditions of the GAN Farmer Agreement, For questions relating to the GAN Project, [ If you don’t know the species, just put unidentified species and add a link to clear photos of the ants. Start your own Ant Farm. If you have some queen ants and/or ant colonies that you would like to sell or give away, here is how to join the GAN Project as a GAN Farmer (seller) in your area: I've been keeping ants for (Years/Months) *, Ant colonies for sale (Please indicate species, # of workers in the colony, housing, desired selling price, # of colonies), Facebook Email (For invitation to Private GAN Farmer Group), Buyers can contact me via Local & Legal — Antsylvania queens and colonies are collected right from our backyard, just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. *NOTE: We do not ship ants in the mail. You also need to have at least 1 worker in each colony offered for sale to ensure that the queen you are selling is fertilized. Where ants come first. We follow all state and federal regulations for the collection and sale of the colonies listed on these pages. There is a minimum order of (5) Queens and payment is due upon ordering. Include links to photos of your colonies so we can send these to your customers if they ask. Always email us when ants are exchanged and any time details of your GAN Farmer listing change so we can keep the listing updated for your buyers. Our “All You Need” Starter Kits are designed to provide your new ant colony with the greatest chance at success. The GAN Project also seeks to make the ant keeping hobby more accessible around the world. When a buyer from your area wants to buy any of your ant colonies we introduce the buyer to you via email, also providing them with your contact details. Image by Eli Duke. Fully registered to export our queen ants, including the huge bull ant species, Myrmecia. You then arrange for a convenient place and time to meet for the exchange and payment. All leaf cutter ant artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. I hope it succeeds!” -Alex Wild (biologist, nature photographer The colonies listed here for adoption are all from locally collected queens and small colonies. Ant's Kingdom is the professional company for the ant keeping hobby worldwide! We welcome amateurs and professionals alike and won’t weigh you down with jargon. ... Queen Ant - Ant Colony - Live Ants - Ant Farm. driver’s license), pay for the queen ant colony and pick up your new ants. Ant Farm. Leafcutter Ant Colonies At first a leafcutter trail might look like a long line of leaves moving around. To put it simply: If you need ants, we find ant sellers in your area to buy ants from, or if you are looking to sell or donate any of your ant colonies, we help you find buyers from your area wanting ants. All queens are kept by us until they lay eggs to confirm fertility. The queen is much larger with the body being about 3/4 inch long. We guarantee your queen will arrive alive or will be replaced free of charge. The AntsCanada Global Ant Nursery Project™ offers a simple solution for those needing ant colonies with a queen for their formicariums, and also provides an opportunity for ant hobbyist to earn some extra money doing what they love. $19.95. Here is what acclaimed biologist, nature photographer Alex Wild has to say: “The Global Ant Nursery is an excellent idea, and is the responsible way to enjoy an ant-keeping hobby. Our ant colonies consist of a queen with brood and several workers. Prices are determined by the GAN Farmer.